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Have you ever wondered what happens to heroes after the final battle?

Sure, they slay the dragon, rescue the princess, and bask in the cheers of the crowd. But what then? Do they settle down, buy a cozy cottage, and sip cocoa by the fireplace? Not always.

What if the hero is an elf cursed with immortality? What if their companions, their chosen family, age and fade away while they remain unchanged? This is the heart-wrenching yet oddly comforting premise of Sousou no Frieren, a manga series that’s quickly captivating readers worldwide.

Dive into a world where magic and mortality collide, where laughter and loss intertwine, and where one elf embarks on a journey beyond the happily ever after. Are you ready to meet Frieren?

About Sousou no Frieren Manga Online:

Read Sousou no Frieren Manga
Sousou no Frieren Manga Online
Sousou no Frieren Manga AuthorKanehito Yamada
Sousou no Frieren Manga ArtistTsukasa Abe
Alternate NameFrieren at the Funeral
Frieren manga
Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End
GenresAdventure, Drama, Fantasy
Sousou no Frieren Manga Online

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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Japanese: 葬送のフリーレン, Hepburn: Sōsō no Furīren, “Frieren of the Funeral”, “Sousou no Frieren Manga Online)

After defeating the demon king, the triumphant hero party returns home before disbanding. As the time to say their goodbyes approaches, the four—magician Frieren, hero Himmel, priest Heiter, and warrior Eisen—reminisce over their decade-long trip. For elves, though, time moves at a different pace, and Frieren watches as her comrades fade away one by one.

Heiter manages to force a young human apprentice named Fern onto Frieren before he dies. The pair embarks on a seemingly aimless journey, revisiting the places that the heroes of old had visited, driven by the elf’s passion for collecting a variety of magical spells. Frieren gradually confronts her sorrow about missing opportunities to develop deeper friendships with her now-deceased companions as they travel.

sousou no frieren characters

Sousou no Frieren Manga Online, Read Sousou no Frieren Manga Online
Frierensousou no frieren main character, She is a wizard in the hero party. She is a seasoned elf with a long life ahead of her. She has no recollection of her ten-year voyage with the hero party. She is now looking for the meaning of those ten years as well as her true feelings.
FernHeiter adopts an orphan named Fern. He is also frieren main character
Starkanother sousou no frieren main character. Eisen’s apprentice and a member of Frieren’s group.
HimmelAfter ten years of adventure, Himmel’s crew conquered the demon lord. He passes away from natural causes exactly 50 years after the demon lord. Himmel was known for making jokes about how attractive he was, but he was also shown to be willing to assist anyone in need.
HeiterHeiter was the Hero Party’s Priest.
EisenEisen is a Dwarf who served as the Hero Party’s Warrior.

frieren manga review

sousou no frieren manga reviews from anime planet

Sousou no Frieren explores a lot of questions I’ve had for the fantasy genre.


Amazing gem, if the quality keeps up it might become one of my favroutie mangas.


this manga makes me want to exit my car in the middle of a car crash

frieren manga Online

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Is there a manga for Frieren?

Craving a manga that flips the script on classic hero tropes? Look no further than Sousou no Frieren, a captivating fantasy series that’s quickly becoming a must-read for manga enthusiasts. But wait, is Sousou no Frieren actually a manga?

Absolutely! This thought-provoking story isn’t just another light novel adaptation. Sousou no Frieren is a true manga series, born and bred in the pages of Shonen Sunday magazine. Packed with stunning artwork and a narrative that lingers long after the final panel, it’s a manga experience unlike any other.

Still not convinced? Check out these eye-catching details:

  • Whimsical story: Dive into a world where magic and mortality intertwine, following an elf named Frieren on a journey beyond the typical happily-ever-after.
  • Acclaimed creator: Renowned author Kanehito Yamada and talented artist Tsukasa Abe bring Frieren’s world to life with their unique vision.
  • Growing popularity: With over 12 volumes released of Sousou no Frieren manga and an English translation readily available, Sousou no Frieren is rapidly gaining international acclaim.

So, is Sousou no Frieren a manga? You bet it is! And if you’re looking for a fresh, emotional, and truly unforgettable manga experience, this is your chance to join Frieren on her extraordinary adventure.

Is Frieren a manga or light novel?

Hold on, fantasy fans! Is Sousou no Frieren a manga or a light novel? This captivating story might have you scratching your head, wondering where it belongs.

Fear not, fellow adventurers! Sousou no Frieren is purely a manga series, gracing the pages of Japan’s renowned Shonen Sunday magazine since 2020. No light novel adaptations here!

Why the confusion? Some light novels get manga adaptations, and Sousou no Frieren’s unique premise might have sparked the question. But trust me, this emotional journey of an elf named Frieren unfolds panel by panel, brought to life by the stunning artwork of Tsukasa Abe.

Still need convincing? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Born in manga form: Written by Kanehito Yamada and illustrated by Abe, Sousou no Frieren Manga has captivated readers solely through its manga format.
  • 12 volumes and counting: Dive into over 12 volumes translated into English, with more on the way to quench your fantasy thirst.
  • Acclaim for the manga: Recognized for its poignant storytelling and beautiful art, Sousou no Frieren is a true manga gem.

So, there you have it! Sousou no Frieren is a bonafide manga series waiting to be explored. Ready to join Frieren on her unforgettable journey? Grab the latest volume and prepare to be swept away!

What happens at the end of Frieren (without spoilers)?

Ever wondered what happens after the hero slays the dragon? Sousou no Frieren manga flips the script, asking, “What happens when the hero is immortal, but their friends aren’t?” But shh, no spoilers! We wouldn’t want to ruin the emotional rollercoaster that is Frieren’s journey.

Instead, let’s explore the themes that resonate at the end:

  • Loss and grief: Witness the bittersweet beauty of life and its inevitable goodbyes as Frieren grapples with the passage of time and the loss of loved ones.
  • The meaning of life: What does it mean to exist forever? Frieren’s quest takes her on a philosophical journey, searching for purpose beyond the traditional hero’s arc.
  • Growth and understanding: As she interacts with new characters and faces new challenges, Frieren evolves beyond her initial stoicism, learning valuable lessons about humanity and connection.

Think of it like this: Imagine a world where the hero is forced to watch their friends age and die, all while remaining unchanged. Sousou no Frieren manga doesn’t shy away from the emotional weight of this premise, offering a poignant exploration of life, loss, and the enduring power of human connection.

Ready to embark on this introspective adventure without spoilers? Dive into manga Sousou no Frieren and discover the profound questions and heartfelt moments that await you beyond the final page.

Enchanted by Sousou no Frieren manga but not sure why everyone’s talking about it? Join the club! This captivating manga has cast a spell, leaving readers spellbound and desperate for more. But what makes manga Sousou no Frieren so darn popular?

Brace yourself, adventurer, for we delve into the captivating world of this manga masterpiece!

  • A twist on the hero’s journey: Forget slaying dragons and winning princesses. Frieren’s adventure explores the rarely-seen aftermath, where an immortal hero grapples with loss and mortality. It’s fresh, emotional, and downright thought-provoking.
  • Characters that tug at your heartstrings: From the stoic yet relatable Frieren to the diverse cast she encounters, each character is carefully crafted, brimming with depth and growth. You’ll laugh, cry, and connect with them on a profound level.
  • Masterful storytelling: Prepare to be swept away by the intricate narrative that seamlessly blends fantasy, magic, and philosophical questions. It’s a slow burn, but the payoff is oh-so-worth it.
  • Stunning artwork: Each panel is a visual feast, meticulously detailed and bringing Frieren’s world to life with breathtaking beauty.
  • More than just a manga: Sousou no Frieren sparks conversations about life, death, friendship, and the meaning of existence. It’s an experience that goes beyond entertainment, leaving a lasting impact on readers.

Still need convincing? Here’s what critics and fans are saying:

“A masterpiece of emotional storytelling and philosophical depth.”

– Anime News Network

“Sousou no Frieren is unlike anything I’ve ever read. It’s a must-read for any fan of fantasy or just good storytelling.”

– Goodreads reviewer

So, why is Sousou no Frieren so popular? It’s a unique blend of captivating characters, thought-provoking themes, stunning visuals, and a story that resonates deep within. Is it time you started your own Frieren adventure?


Ready to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary? Dive into the captivating world of Sousou no Frieren, a manga that’s redefining the genre.

But your adventure doesn’t end here. What resonated most with you from Frieren’s story? Did her journey of loss and growth spark any personal reflections? What other unique manga have you discovered that deserve a shout-out?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! Let’s keep the conversation flowing and explore the magic of manga together. Remember, Sousou no Frieren manga is just the beginning. Countless incredible stories await, waiting to be unraveled.

So, adventurer, where will your next quest take you?

Sousou no Frieren Manga Online FAQ

Does Sousou no Frieren have a novel?

Frieren was one of the heroes that destroyed the Demon King. She is an elf mage, and there is something about her that sets her apart from the rest of the group.

How old is Frieren?

Frieren is at least 1000 years old, Her apprentice, Fern, is a normal human who is still in her teens.

Does Sousou no Frieren have an anime?

After the success that sousou no frieren manga, probably it will get an anime adaptation

Sousou no Frieren characters


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